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We are in the best in the west coast area of the USA, with our home office in Phoenix Arizona – The Grand Canyon State.

The Falcons have roots out of the worlds most coveted Safari region of Kenya, East Africa, home of the Big 5.

Travelswiththefalcons was born from our passion to Travel and our friends always wanting to join in.

We specialize in African safaris, Beach vacations, Cruises, and Geographical tours .

Travels With The Falcons

Meet The Team

Serengeti and Janet Falcons

Serengeti and Janet Falcons are Kenyan natives, with Serengeti being born in the Masai Mara region of Kenya, spending his youth guarding his cattle from the attacks of lions and hyenas.

We met while working in the vast tourism industry in Kenya, serving in various capacities with tour companies, Hotels and Tourism Associations.

Our American presence has enabled us build cross cultural bridges with the communities we travel to, engaging in various community projects through cultural tours and volunteer activities.

We are a team of the most experienced tour guide, with 17 Years of guiding tours in East Africa and your high level hospitality specialist working with the world’s top hotel brands..

We look forward to #travelwiththefalcons!

1. Custom Safaris: Tailored Adventures Just for You! Imagine a safari designed to your heart's desire, where every detail reflects your wildest dreams. Our Custom Safaris are all about you. You set the pace, choose the destinations, and craft the ultimate adventure. Whether you crave an intimate honeymoon getaway or a solo expedition, we'll turn your safari dreams into reality. Let's create memories that match your unique style!

Custom Travel

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2. Group Escorted Safaris: Discover Together, Thrill Together! Join the pack and embark on a journey of camaraderie and discovery! Our Group Escorted Safaris bring like-minded adventurers together for a shared wildlife experience. Escorted by the USA based Safari Team, you'll explore the World's untamed beauty in the company of new friends.

Group Escorted Travel

Custom Safaris

3. Family Safaris: Adventure Awaits for All Ages! Unleash your inner explorer with our Family Safaris. It's a thrilling safari experience designed for the whole clan! From toddlers to grandparents. Our family-friendly guides will take you on a journey filled with laughter, learning, and unforgettable wildlife encounters. Let's make cherished memories as a family! Choose your safari style and let the adventure begin. Whether you seek solitude, the joy of companionship, or quality family time, we've got the perfect safari for you.

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African Safaris | Beach Vacations
African Safaris | Beach Vacations
African Safaris | Beach Vacations

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